A Regular manicure can chip immediately after you leave the salon, but most dip-powder manicure claim to last up three weeks longer than gel manicures.

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Acrylic Nails

  • Protect natural nails from the damaging effects of enamels and other agents.
  • Aesthetically they are more beautiful than natural ones and they can be given any shape and length, not to mention the possibilities of decoration.
  • They are very resistant and avoid the cracking of the nails, so they are perfect for women with weaker nails or tending to break.
  • Its maintenance is every 15-20 days (depends on the growth of your nail) and they are very durable.
  • You can rebuild bitten and broken nails and always look perfect.
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Spa Pedicures not only help keep feet looking pretty, they also keep nails trimmed, calluses controlled and skin moisturized. In addition, a foot massage helps to relieve tension and stimulate circulation.Treat yourself to a salon or spa pedicure .

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French Gel Manicure

- They last longer for about 3 to 4 weeks, which is awesome compared to a classic nail polish that usually lasts 3 to 4 days, no?
-They dry instantly while you are still in the salon, no need to worry. So, no smearing, no chipping, no smudging or scratching off
- Gel nails allow the person to experiment fabulous nail designs as they are easier to work with and create designs that with normal nail polish you can not acquire.
-The gel looks fresh all the time that it is on your nails, even before you go and take it off.
-The gel is the most close option to natural looking nails, even if you want a french manicure!

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While shaving facial hair makes the hair that grows back hard, waxing uproots the shaft of the hair. So, the hair that grows back is smooth. And smooth is sexy. The effects of waxing last for about two or more weeks, which is pretty good in comparison to shaving.

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Back massage
Foot Reflexology massage
Increase circulation returning energy levels and helping keep the body injury free.

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Mary Lee Nail Salon is committed to catering to our clientele with exeptional nail grooming sevices.

Our Primary concern at Mary Lee's is hygiene. We do so by following standard sterization practices. All stainless steel tools are sterilized and sealed to be open in front of each client before service begins. Manicure and pedicure station will be cleaned and desinfected  every night to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Our Mission is to provide a specialized Spa sevice to clients and make them fabulous. We deliver a personal sevice to each client while providing a tranquil enviroment and memorable experience.

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